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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 12, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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underway at the vatican, the tradition to pick a pope for the 21st century.
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good morning. we're ready. it's tuesday. it's march 12. >> let's go. let's get to weather and traffic with rosemary orozco who is in for steve. >> another gorgeous day. sunny skies, temperatures will be warmer than what we saw yesterday, away from the coastline. at the coastline this morning, the fog is back. it's not only at the coast, i'm seeing it in the inland valley locations as well. we've got fog to talk about this morning. temperatures are cool but not as cold as they have been. i'm going to show you the
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temperatures and your afternoon highs coming up. good morning, sal. we're looking at westbound 237, it's light but it's only 5:00 in the morning, not likely to stay this light. looking at the san mateo bridge, a little bit of mist as you drive to foster city, it should be okay. police in pleasanton launching a criminal investigation after a 2-year- old girl was allegedly tied up at a preschool. how was this discovered and is the preschool saying, alex? >> reporter: good morning. this school will be holding a meeting tonight for parents to talk with them about what may have taken place here. pleasanton police opened a criminal investigation into nter point christian preschool after a complaint against a former teacher, accused of tieing up a 2-year- old girl who apparently refused
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to take a nap. a complaint filed with the department of social services says that former teacher bound the child's wrists and ankles with masking tape and took a photo of the girl. the incident first came to light months later, when the teacher showed off the picture at a social gathering to several staff members of the school and one of them happened to be the mother of the child in the photo. the allegation was first reported to police on march 5, although it is unclear exactly when the incident took place. of course administrators are appalled by the accusations and in light of the investigation center point will be suspending its preschool classes for five days so staff with undergo training. police plan on holding a news conference, they plan to talk more about the case and offer more details about what may have taken place. we're live in pleasanton, alex
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savage, ktvu news. happening now in rome the process of selecting a pope starts today, the college of cardinals is gathering in a hotel preparing for the start of the conclave a short time from now. the cardinals will head to paulene chapel for a prayer. mass was held to pray for the election of the pope. at 8:30 they will walk into the sistine chapel, the doors will be locked and the conclave will begin. once the pope is selected, he will be dressed in papal garment. after a solo prayer, the pope will appear on a balcony, the first vote could happen as early as 9:00 this morning. two americans are being mentioned as candidates, one of them is new york cardinal timothy dolan, the other is
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boston cardinal sean o'malley, he has been credited with taking a hard approach to priests accused of abusing children. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. and check out the papal conclave tab on our home page. 5:03. a house fire in novato led to the discovery of a marijuana growing operation. you see firefighters used a chainsaw to cut through the walls on marion avenue to put the fire out. it started about 11:30 last night. officials say no one was living there. it was just being used to grow marijuana. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a 15-year-old boy in vallejo was shot and wounded trying to help his sister last night on alabama street. police say a group of men started shooting at a person who was standing near the boy
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and his sister. a stray bullet hit the boy in the leg as he was trying to rush his sister inside their apartment. the boy was taken to the hospital, we're told he's recovering. no arrests have been made. 5:04. san jose city council will debate a homeless proposal days after clearing out a large encampment. we are live with a look at what the leaders will be considering. >> some people cleared out of the encampment near the airport have moved down to the creek beds, like this one here, near the guadelupe river. city officials are going to take this issue head-on after last week's cleanup of the encampment near coleman and heading, members of the city council have been coming up with ways to stop encampments else there. only a small portion of those there accepted help from outreach agencies.
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a plan has been described as a tough love approach when it comes to enforcing a no trespassing policy, the city is hiring a security company to patrol the encampment. we looked to see if anyone had come back but the land was clear. you're looking at a live picture in downtown san jose, very close to the hp pavilion with homeless people sleeping on the bench. some moved to the creek beds, they have scattered, but at 6:00 we'll talk about the cost of the cleanups and the way the
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city wants to help fund directing this issue. 5:06. san francisco's laws about walking dogs will be enforced, walking more than four at a time will need a permit. dog walkers must have $1 million insurance and leashes cannot be longer than 8 feet. san francisco passed the laws more than a year ago but they have not been enforced. that will change on july 1. 5:06. sonoma county supervisors will debate an ordinance to make it easier for bicyclists and pedestrians to file lawsuits against people they say harass them. bicyclists say the ordinance will allow them to take action against aggressive drivers who threaten their safety. berkeley and sunnyvale passed similar legislation. if this is approved sonoma would become the first county in the nation with such an ordinance. looking at cars on the roads, we'll see if traffic is picking up as we toss to sal.
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good morning. there's a report of an accident on oakland city streets on 27th street, martin luther king way. that is right outside the hospital there, so we'll see what's going on, but that's just the first report on their way to check it out. let's take a look at the commute on 80 westbound, it looks good as you drive through. no major problems getting out to the macarthur maze into the toll plaza. it's light. no problems starting the morning. traffic continues to look good. this morning's drive in san jose off to a good start, northbound 280 traffic is moving nicely. now here is rosemary. >> good morning. be prepared for perhaps a slow drive through santa rosa, sonoma, petaluma, visibility is down to 1/4 of a mile this morning. seeing it along the coastline as well. what do you notice? no 30s this morning! 41 in napa, 5 to 7 degrees
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warmer than yesterday. santa rosa 41, 50 in oakland. 50 half moon bay. half moon bay overcast skies, fog, visibility about 5 miles outside your door. if i back this up, i'm going to show you the ridge of high pressure that continues over the state moving closer to us, that will drive our temperatures up for your afternoon, going to keep that rain away, unfortunately. we could use it, right? we're not going to see any. we'll be mostly sunny, patchy fog along the coast for the first half of the day, some patchy fog is actually again making it tough at times for us to see out and about. winds are calm, but again i'm watching a bit of an onshore breeze at sfo, the weak breeze allowing some fog to spread inland, even seeing it inside the bay. it's going to grow worse as we move into the 7:00 hour, i'll be tracking that between now and then. here is a look at your extended forecast. for today we will be slightly warmer, tomorrow still on track
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to be the warmest day, perhaps of the year. a few 80s around the bay area, temperatures will begin to cool, remaining above average and on the mild side all the way into the weekend. back to you. >> 5:09. dueling budget plans on capitol hill, one part of the republican plan that democrats say will go nowhere. why one lawmaker said the tragic shooting of two santa cruz police officers could have been prevented. good morning, traffic on 280 looks good up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather.
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welcome back. the defense secretary chuck hagel said a case of sexual assault in the air force will be reviewed at the top levels of the pentagon. hagel back from visiting afghanistan sent a letter to california senator barbara boxer, who had asked hagel to look into a case where an air force general dismissed charges against a lieutenant colonel convicted of sexual assault. but in his letter, hagel said he doesn't have the authority to reverse the general's ruling. last week at the memorial service for the two santa cruz police officers killed by a former soldier, former defense secretary panetta acknowledgeeled military sex offenders are not always prosecuted. he said in the case of jeremy goulet, the military looked the other way. the army court martial in 2006 accused of two rapes ended with
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a plea bargain. had he been convicted, he likely would have landed in a military prison for life. councilwoman jackie spears wants a capitol hill hearing on why the military dropped rape charges against jeremy peter goulet and said goulet faced the possibility of a life sentence if he was court- martialed. the charges whether dropped after he accepted a less than honorable discharge. in two hours, house republicans in washington, d.c. will lay out their plan for a new budget the republicans released some details. what did they say? >> reporter: paul ryan is leading house republicans on this spending plan, but democrats are expected to put up a fight. that's because in part republicans are taking aim at obama care, they believe billions would be saved by
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repealing the law. ryan says reforming aid programs would save billions more. the g.o.p. plan promises to balance the budget in ten years without raising taxes. but they say they are on board with tax reform, closing loopholes and consolidating rates. senate democrats will unveil their budget this week. they plan on raising taxes. the automatic cuts that became law on march 1 are now hitting the military. the demand issued by top marines, when i see you next. 5:14. president obama's nominee to be chairwoman of the securities and exchange commission is expected to face some tough confirmation questions from senators. in two hours mary jo white goes before the senate banking the economy. she will probably be asked about her legal work representing the nation's biggest banks.
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more bad signatures may have been uncovered in the probe investigating forged signatures just found on campaign forms from 2001. shir irkkawa plans to plead gety to several felonies. potential candidates can begin the process tomorrow. 5:15. top celebrities in hollywood and washington have been hacked and their financial information shared online. the website published private financial information, social security numbers and credit records of ashton kutcher, jay- z and others. lapd and fbi are reportedly investigating. michael vick's book signing tour was cancelled after credible death threats. he was scheduled to sign copies in atlanta, new jersey and
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pennsylvania. the publisher said the threats were against vick and the book stores. he spent 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to dog fighting charges in 2007. 5:16. morgan hill mother was sentenced to 60 days in jail for using her 10-year-old daughter to help steal groceries. the 38-year-old will be allowed to serve time in public works detail because of her life criminal record and must take parenting class. she left her daughter with stolen groceries last september after getting caught by a security guard. she was later arrested in nevada. 5:16. a fight to renew a lease in point reyes could have implications for national parks. a court could issue a ruling that expands, contracts or gets rid of commercial activity on federal land. that could affect ranches, timber and mining operations at national parks like yosemite,
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yellowstone and grand canyon. the 9th circuit court of appeals agreed to hear the drake's bay case in may. some bright young scientific minds from the bay area with in washington, d.c. we'll tell you why at 5:25. sal, you're looking into an injury crash in oakland maybe? >> 27th street at martin luther king way on the corner there, i want to let you know to avoid the area near highway 24. on the freeways, 880 oakland, that traffic looks good. 580, 980, the oakland drive on the freeways looks good but 27th street at martin luther king way, very close to children's hospital, there is an injury crash. watch out for some traffic here, or actually it's not even showing up at the toll plaza, traffic is light coming up to the pay gates. we had a stall on the bridge but that was cleared rather quickly. on the peninsula we're off to a
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decent start. some fog has begun to move in. i was looking at my san francisco camera, which i didn't show you this time because it's going in and out of fog, and for the fog update let's bring in rosemary orozco. >> good morning. a little bit more widespread, along the coast, and inland once again, from sonoma county into marin county, and i'm seeing it kind of bleed into the bay area. this is going to continue for the next couple hours, between sal and me, well, i think we'll have you covered. we'll continue to watch that for you and track it. tracking this ridge of high pressure, continuing to move east, and that means shifting closer to us, it is going to continue to drive our afternoon highs up. it's also responsible for that patchy dense fog we're beginning to see out there because the warm sinking air associated with that high pressure helping to pin that
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moisture and right down to the ground, visibility down to 1/4 of a mile petaluma. santa rosa. and novato. temperatures are up this morning. 49 heyward, 50 antioch, 44 livermore. so feeling good out there. still a bit of a cool start, fairfield, napa, santa rose in the low 40s but not as cold as we have been. this is the first morning since i can remember that i don't see 30s out there. 76 in napa for your afternoon today. 70 in berkeley. 70 heyward. mid-70s for antioch. the warmest spot on that map looks to be napa for the afternoon. 76. 73 santa jose, 74 los gatos. who has the day off? go to santa cruz, 73 with mostly sunny extended forecast, warmest day is wednesday. the weekend we cool back but remain on the up and up with temperatures above the seasonal
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norm, upper 60s to low 70s in the forecast, overnight lows in the low 40s. back to you. >> thanks, rosemary. 5:20. european markets are mixed and trading in a narrow range this morning. nearly all the asian markets closed lower, hong kong fell almost 1%. taiwan, south korea and japan fell in reaction to weaker markets in europe. here are the numbers from yesterday, another winning day, dow up 50, nasdaq up 8, s&p up 5. the price of crude oil has fallen below $92 a barrel this morning, traders reacting to disappointing french industrial protection along the weaker indicators on chinese retail sales. analysts say the large supply of u.s. oil is keeping a lid on global crude oil prices. right now in rome, catholic
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cardinals are starting the final rituals for the conclave to elect a pope, and the tradition is going high tech. a close call after a car burst into flames, the heroic actions taken to save the driver's life. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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take a look at this rescue from a burning car in iowa. officers were able to pull an 18-year-old out just in time. police say the man had been
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doing doughnuts in an icy church parking lot and when the car crashed into an air conditioning unit it caught fire. the driver is expected to survive but he will face charges when he's released from the hospital. 5:24. two women who were mistaken by shot by los angeles police in the hunt for christopher dorner are waiting for lapd to get them a new truck. officers opened fire on the newspaper delivery women last month theirsing the truck with 100 bullet holes. the police chief said the officers thought the truck was being driven by dorner and promised the women would get a new truck. an attorney for the women say they were offered a used truck that they would have to pay a sales tax on so they turned it down. this morning in washington, d.c. six bay area high school students who are very smart are there for a major competition in the intel science contest. the top prize, a $100,000 scholarship.
5:28 am
one is working on technology that would allow surgeons to spot cancer cells during an operation. >> before surgery, you often get mris or ct scans, but they only get the main shape of the tumor. you can't see individual cells. that's a big challenge for the surgeon because they don't know what exactly to take out. >> boy, she's smart! other bay area students are kevin chen of fremont... i may have messed up the names because i'm not as smart as them. but i'm proud of each one of them, and i congratulate them in advance. >> i've been at some ceremonies honoring them, it's need to get the whole school to support smart children. let's get to another smart man. sal, you do a great job keeping
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an eye on the roads. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well, we're early in the commute. i want to show you san jose northbound 280, you should have a decent drive for your drive to cupertino or sunnyvale with no main problems on 680 from pleasantton. we check 580 from tracy to livermore and dublin. let's go to rosemary. >> take it slow. we're seeing that patchy fog develop, becoming more thick, it's patchy and dense for inland north bay at times along the sonoma valley floor, bleeding into marin, so that's to be aware of. temperatures not bad at all. 40 to 50 degrees right now, we're looking at a mild noontime and then for the afternoon slightly warmer than yesterday. i'll have a look around coming up. 5:37. the long-time tradition of picking a pope is getting a
5:30 am
digital enhancement. logos bible software developed an app that links users to the latest news connecting you to videos from rome and best catholic news sites. users will get access to twitter feed that details the selection process. 5:27. in a couple hours, the college of cardinals in rome will be headed to the sistine chapel for the process of selecting a new pope. we'll have more from rome on this historic day taking place this morning. plus, a family's search for a missing oakland woman takes a new turn. new information from police has them shifting their focus. also why police say a bay area pre-school teacher reportedly tied up a toddler. ♪
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, good morning. welcome back. we're already on tuesday. march 12, i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. if you like the warm dry weather, good news. another delightful day. this morning we've got fog area the bay area, i'm seeing it patchy and dense, and i expect it will become more widespread, nap a down to 1/4 mile. it's a cool start, a tad warmer for the afternoon. the extended forecast, dry. i'll show you the extended forecast and the temperatures
5:34 am
and that fog coming up. good morning, sal. good morning. we're looking at a picture of highway 4, you can see traffic is moving well, some slowing in antioch as you head west, also this morning we're looking at a picture of san francisco, kind of misty and foggy. the fog is going to be spreading into some areas. right now the traffic does look good. let's go back to the desk. 2-year-old girl was tied up at a preschool, police say, and parents want to know why. we're live with what is being said about the criminal investigation. >> reporter: i touched base with pleasanton police and investigators will be talking more about this case later this morning. center point preschool is the focus of a criminal investigation after a complaint against a former teacher accused of tieing up a 2-year- old girl who refused to take a nap. the complaint filed with the department of social services
5:35 am
says the former teacher bound the child's wrists and ankles with masking tape and took a photo of the girl. the incident didn't come to light until much later when the teacher apparently showed off the picture at a social gathering to several staff members of the school, one of them happened to be the mother of the child in the photo. the allegation was reported to police on march 5, although at this point it's unclear exactly when the incident actually took place. administrators said they are appalled and shocked by what may have happened. and in light of the investigation, centerpointe will be suspending preschool classes for five days so staff members can undergo additional training. school gets underway this morning, and this evening we're told centerpointe preschool parents will have a meeting, parents home, held by the school so any parents who have any questions about what may have taken place or this
5:36 am
criminal investigation can have questions answered. again, police expected to offer up new details in the investigation at some point later on this morning. live in pleasanton, alex savidge. a bay area family's search for a relative is expanding this morning after the police released new information. the 31-year-old erica maskaleras has not been seen or heard from since thursday. surveillance video from a bakery at 34th and telegraph, you can see her on a daily walk that morning. yesterday oakland police said she was seen in west oakland after being reported missing. her family and friends will now change their focus and expand their search. >> we've given out probably 1500 flyers to people, and we're hoping that somebody's memory will be jogged. >> the family is offering a $1000 reward to find erica. this afternoon a man
5:37 am
accused of killing a daly city family will be in court. saturday the 23-year-old was girling his girlfriend, mother and brother to the movies, all were killed except the girlfriend who was seriously injured. dennis maceda was fleeing a hit and run and is now facing hit and run and homicide charges. the san francisco symphony is scheduled to meet with a federal mediator to continue contract negotiations. if no agreement is reached, the symphony is threatening to strike and cancel upcoming east coast tour. the knew -- musicians had asking for an increase, they say management's proposal could cut benefits and freeze wages. a hearing today about california's high poverty rate. according to the u.s. census bureau, california's poverty rate is the worst in the
5:38 am
country, almost 25% of california lives in poverty. today's hearing, research experts will be testifying about the factors that contribute to that high poverty rate. caltrans plans to install special fencing to keep the homeless out from under a freeway on-ramp in san francisco. an area was cleared on king street in mission bay. workers offered to take them to a church for housing help and screenings, the new fencing is expected to cost $300,000. 5:35. in a few hours, nasa will say what it's discovered about a rock on mars. last month the mars rover curiosity drilled a hole into a flat rock on the surface of the planet. that revealed an unexpected gray interior to the rock which was in sharp contrast to the red-orange surface of mars. curiosity took samples of the rock powder and scientists have been analyzing it. at 10:00 they will be telling us what they found.
5:39 am
5:36. happening now in rome, the college of cardinals is preparing for a final prayer before the conclave to elect a new pope officially begins. erin mclaughlin is in rome, where white smoke could signal a new pope as early as this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this morning the cardinals celebrated the final public mass before the conclave, they are currently resting at the hotel within the vatican, where they will stay for the duration of the conclave. the world is watching what happens here today, some 5600 journalists are in town. whoever is selected pope will likely be one of the most influential people on earth, and the process used to select him is steeped in tradition, prayer and mystery. cardinals preparing to embark on what could be the most
5:40 am
important day of their spiritual lives. they will enter the papal conclave, elect their next leader and set the tone for the future of the catholic church. the group began the day with a traditional votive mass. preparations have been undersay since benedict announced he was retiring. once the cardinals are in the chapel all eyes will be on the chimney. black smoke signals an unsuccessful vote. white smoke means there's a new pope. >> it's unlikely that there would be white smoke on the first ballot. >> reporter: a contender must get 2/3 of the vote. >> a new thing added this year is when the cardinals and holy father leave the sistine chapel, their first stop is in
5:41 am
the paulene chapel with the wholly father will enter and pray before the blessed sacrament. >> reporter: red curtains are hanging where the new pope will be announced to the world for the first time. it can take between 30 minutes and an hour between the white smoke and the appearance on the balcony. the installation mass will likely take place within five days of the actual conclave. dave, back to you. >> thank you. the historical events in rome are marked by a mass in san francisco. it starts at 8:00 this morning, at st. mary's, officiated by the archbishop. he says it's important to pray for the successful election of a new pope. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. you can also get the latest
5:42 am
information at sent straight to your mobile device. check out the papal conclave tab on our home page. we turn to sal for the latest on the roads. >> it looks good so far. the traffic is off to a light start. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it does start getting more crowded as we get closer to 6:00, right now we don't see a huge crowd and the delays are minimal so far. no problems if you're in san francisco, the fog has been going in and out of the area, a few moments ago i couldn't see 101 but the fog has moved on. also the morning commute looks good on the peninsula, southbound 101 between 380 out to palo alto, it's a nice drive. 5:40. let's go to rosemary. all right. we've got fog out there to contend with. i'm going to show you a shot of the ridge of high pressure that remains over the state shifting east a little bit, moving farther inland and warming us
5:43 am
up for the afternoon. we're dry here, oregon is going to be dry. the only place getting rain, a little bit in washington for today. let's get in a little bit closer. we're dealing with patchy dense fog. low clouds seeping into the bay area. oakland mostly cloudy at this time. san jose partly to mostly cloudy, and we've got patchy dense fog in areas like santa rosa, petaluma, napa, novato reporting visibility 1/4 of a mile. get out early. coastal fog will continue through the morning, half moon bay 2 to 4 miles at this time. the ridge of high pressure in place, sinking air pushing that fog closer to the ground and creating the patchy dense fog. the sinking air will help warm us up, we'll remain dry through the extended period, through your weekend at the very least. here we are this morning, as we get closer to sunrise, it becomes a little bit more widespread, takes until 9:00, 10:00 before it pulls out of
5:44 am
the inland areas, by 11:00 out of the bay and lingers along the coastline for the afternoon hours, mostly sunny in most places. temperatures up this morning. 49 heyward, 51 oakland, low 40s in fairfield, napa and santa rosa. the extended forecast still on track for the hottest day to be wednesday, even hitting 80 degrees in some areas. as we get into the weekend temperatures will cool, thursday, friday, saturday into sunday, fair skies, upper 60s to low 70s. back to the desk. 5:41. large sugary drinks will be served in new york, a measure has been called off. and the new opinions on sugary drinks right here in the bay area. he spent 14 years labeled a sex offender, which is anyone's worst nightmare. >> a new beginning for a wrongly accused man from oakland, the break that set him free. good morning, westbound
5:45 am
237, the traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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welcome back. good morning to you. here is a quick look at the top stories we're following right now at 5:44. in rome, the college of cardinals is getting ready for a final prayer for the official start of the conclave to elect a new pope. in a couple hours, they will be walking to the sistine chapel, then the doors will be sealed. the first vote on a new pope could come this afternoon.
5:48 am
back here at home a pleasantton preschool will hold a meeting for parents after a 2- year-old girl was allegedly tied up for refusing to take a nap. officials at centerpointe say a former teacher tied her hands and feet with masking tape and took a to photo. san jose will deal with homeless camps, they want a joint strategy focusing on long- term affordable housing. 5:45. new this morning, five u.s. troops have been killed in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. the helicopter went down last night outside kandahar city. nato says it crashed in an area where there was no enemy activity. the cause is under investigation. earlier in the day two other u.s. troops were shot and killed in afghanistan, making yesterday the deadliest day for u.s. forces so far this year.
5:49 am
north korean leader kim jung un is telling front line troops to be on alert for a war with south korea after sanctions were voted on after a nuclear test. north korea threatened to cancel the 1953 cease fire that ended the civil war with the south, south korea says the north called it a ploy to influence policy in seoul. an oakland man was exonerated after 14 years in prison and will speak out about his new life. the a judge released 37-year- old johnny williams friday. the northern california innocence project helped overturn his wrongful conviction for sex crimes. attorneys exposed a problem with the original forensic testing. >> the analyst who physically examined the evidence in the case didn't find biological material that would have supported testing. >> the innocence project investigated the case after the
5:50 am
california dna project was formed with a federal grant. the new dna test proved williams was innocent. the dna project is now in danger due to potential federal budget cuts. in colorado the man accused in the shooting rampage in a movie theater may enter a plea today. james holmes is expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. if he does do that, a judge has ruled he can be medicated during a polygraph exam with psychiatrists, holmes is accused of killing 12 people in a shooting rampage at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. 70 others were injured. this morning in washington, d.c. a senate committee again takes up several gun control measures. the senate judiciary committee will debate a bill calling for universal background checks for gun buyers. two weeks ago the committee heard testimony in support of tougher gun laws from a man whose 6-year-old son died in the connecticut school shooting rampage. the committee is also
5:51 am
considering senator dianne feinstein's assault weapons bans. hours before it was set to take' effect a new york supreme court judge struck down new york city's ban on large sugary drinks. the ruling means super-sized sodas, tweetened teas and other beverages can still be sold. new york city mayor bloomberg plans to appeal the judge's decision. new york's battle is noticed in richmond where voters rejected a soda tax in november. just like new york, the author of richmond's fail measure n continues to fight for it. 67% of voters said no to the citywide tax which would tack on 1 cent per ounce on sugar drinking. but a field poll she's people may be sweetening on the sugar tax, 68% said they would favor enwhen told money to go to childhood nutrition and
5:52 am
exercise. is everything behaving on the bridges and roads? >> we're off to a decent start. it's still early but you'll like what you see. let's take a look at the commute on highway 4. it's already getting slow in antioch, now into pittsburg, but nice at bay point, no problems on interstate 680. we've been looking at the toll plaza. we don't have a big commute yet but after 6:00 you start seeing the traffic and sometimes they turn on the metering lights at about 6:15. sometimes earlier, depending on how busy it gets. this morning's commute, livermore freeways, westbound 580, slow traffic from the castro valley area, and 880 south no major problems. also the commute on the south bay freeways off to a good start. let's go to rosemary. a warmer afternoon in store by a few degrees. fairfield 41, 43 napa, 41 santa
5:53 am
rosa. around the bay 40s, even 50 in oakland, 50 half moon bay, i'm also seeing the fog out there. the clouds have moved across the bay, oakland reporting partly to mostly cloudy skies, alameda, heyward, down into san jose. storm tracker 2 showing you the ridge of high pressure in place. i put air to show you the motion. the clockwise most, sinking air, pushing some of that moisture to the ground creating the patchy dense fog. winds are light but we've got an onshore breeze i'm seeing through napa. napa, you got away without the fog yesterday morning but i'm seeing it in your neighborhood this morning. visibility down to 1/4 mile. we get that moist pacific air in the ridge of high pressure and sinking air associated with it, pushing it down to the ground and there you have it. visibility down to 1/4 mile in areas like petaluma, santa rosa, novato, napa as well. here is a look at afternoon highs under mostly sunny skies,
5:54 am
75 santa rosa, 76 napa, 60s in sausalito, 68 alameda, 75 walnut creek, in the south way warming a few degrees. along the coast the fog will continue for the first half of the day, mostly sunny for the second half, low 60s for half moon bay, low 70s for santa cruz. we begin a cooling trend into the weekend, partly cloudy skies, dry conditions, overnight lows not bad, afternoon highs looking good. upper 60s to low 70s. back to the desk. >> thanks. your time is 5:51. blackberry's newest money will make its u.s. debut next week. at&t will start taking pre- orders today for the new z-10, delivery starts a week from friday, it is the first device to run the blackberry operating system, selling for
5:55 am
$200 with a two-year considerate. american international shareholders won class action status for a suit that focuses on the bail out of aig and claims the government violated the fifth amendment when it took an 80% stake and decided to conduct a reverse stock split saying it caused tens of thousands of shareholders to lose value in the investment. opening night in san francisco, singing the praises of a judge. ♪[music] >> why the producers and cast of jersey boys will ride the wave of a legal victory when they hit the bay area tonight. plus, the man caught in a fast-moving avalanche captured the death defying situation in this video.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
welcome back. low clouds and fog joining us this morning, it will burn away to mostly sunny skies and mild to warm afternoon temperatures. watch this. ot only filmed it, he lived to talk about it. this happened in boseman, montana. the avalanche carried him a thousand feet down this mountain, he could feel the snow building up, then he slammed into a tree.
5:59 am
luckily some friends saw it all and were able to dig him out. he suffered a dislocated shoulder. back here at home marin county deputies found a marijuana growing operation in inverness park. deputy ies went to investigate a woman hit her roommate with a baseball bat. she is now wanted for attempted murder. she was last seen driving this distinctive orange van with the words "biohazard battle cruiser" painted on the side. if you have any information call the marin county sheriff's department. 5:57. the producers of the hit musical jersey boys are getting ready for opening tonight tonight but they are celebrating a legal victory. ♪[music]


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